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Why does God Allow Evil Pain and suffering? I mean if he is all-powerful and mighty good wouldn't he prevent that?



I’ll try my best to answer you and I want you to know that He exists and that He is all powerful so just bear with me on this one yeah? :)

Before I go deeper with my explanation, suppose you were my gf. Everything was perfect, We didn’t fight. we didn’t have to worry about anything, coz’ it was perfect. And if you end up dating other guys, same thing they’re perfect too and who ever guy you end up marrying would be perfect, what’s the difference of that? how would you know who’s the right guy or not if everything was perfect? If everything is programmed and built to love you and if everything is predictable. - Well that’s where God comes in, that’s where He gives us freewill & allows our imperfections to kick in.

So most atheist would say:

  1. God is all-powerful, loving, and perfect.
  2. A perfect, loving God would create a universe that was perfect (e.g., no evil and suffering).
  3. The universe is not perfect but contains evil and suffering.

Therefore God does not exist.

So you’re argument is if God exist, then why does He allow evil and suffering if He claims to be all-powerful and all loving. If this is His character, then He would definitely not allow these bad things. But despite these characteristics, God seems to be unable or unwilling to prevent the vast amount of evil and suffering in the world. So which you think that either God is not loving or not all-powerful or that God does not exist, because if He did exist, He could stop all the suffering.

The Bible does state that God is “all powerful.” The Bible also states that God is loving. In fact, the Bible indicates that God is love. The Bible also indicates that God is perfect. So yes, I agree about His Character! :)

The next statement indicates that a perfect, loving God must create a universe that is perfect. Well the thing is, Nowhere does the Bible state that the universe was created to be perfect. God Himself called it “good” and “very good,” but never said “perfect.” In fact, God Himself stated that part of the original creation was “not good.” The Bible states that the current universe is not perfect, but was designed to be temporary and will be replaced with a perfect universe that will be permanent. Science also tells us that the universe was designed to be temporary.

So now we are down to the last point, Why would God create an imperfect, temporary universe only to replace it later with a perfect one? Why wouldn’t God have created a perfect universe in the first place? - God created humans in order to have a personal relationship with them, which He had with Adam and Eve before they sinned (Genesis 2). Jesus said that the first and foremost commandment was to “Love the Lord your God…” A personal relationship, characterized by the possibility of love, is only possible if created beings are given free will. If God had created the universe with no possibility of evil or sin, then the created beings would have had no free will, and, as such, would essentially be programmed computers. For example, I can program my computer to say “I love you” when it starts up. Does this mean that the computer really loves me? Of course not! Likewise, God could have programmed humans to say that they loved Him, without the possibility of rejecting Him or performing evil deeds. However, these programmed beings would exhibit about as much true love as my computer - not a very satisfying relationship. Therefore, God created the universe for the express purpose of allowing free will spiritual beings the opportunity to have fellowship with Him (and likewise, reject Him). - and that’s why you reject Him. He has given you freewill. 

God endowed His spiritual creatures (humans and angels) with free will to love God or to oppose Him. The most powerful created being (the angel Satan) rebelled and led one third of the angels into opposition against God. Those humans who oppose or ignore God follow Satan into rebellion - either consciously or unconsciously. Some people blame the evil on “society.” However, society is composed of individuals who make individual choices. Most of the evil is committed by people who oppose the will of society. (corrupt and greedy people in the governement)

Lastly, the Bible says that God allows temporary, bounded evil in order to allow free will beings to have the ability to love and to make choices. I agree that there is a lot of evil in the world. Just watch the nightly news or read your newspaper.  But here’s where WE CHRISTIANS STEP IN. Although God allows evil and suffering because of the consequences that was made by people who are evil and corrupt and greedy. People in the government, or simply an individual. God IS LOVE & uses His people to step in and share and show His love through Christians and reach out to those that are poor, homeless, broken. One of the ways how God can use and display his love and mercy and miracles is when through people who are following Him. HE REDEEMS AND RESTORES! :)

So for those of us who decided to follow Christ and believe in Him this place called earth is not our permanent home, this is just temporary. Our home is in heaven where eternity waits. And you have the opportunity to be part of His family by recognizing that you aren’t perfect and that you are a sinner and God sent His son Jesus to Die on the cross for ALL your sins so that you can have an eternal life and everlasting relationship with Him.

- Mark M.

Im’a keep this short & sharp. Sharp enough to pierce through someone’s heart. But definitely not sweet because what I’m about to say will definitely make someone’s flesh & pride boil. But that’s okay cos I’ve felt that too before and that’s why I’m pointing it out. But let me make myself clear. I’m not perfect. I don’t claim that I’ve got it all figured out. And I’m definitely not claiming that I’m better than everyone else. All I’m saying and the reason why I wrote this post is to challenge you and to help you think and really re-evaluate the purpose and reason of why you blog, write, and post stuff. This post goes out to all the ‘Christian Tumblr Bloggers’ out there. And yes, I won’t be surprise if I lose hundreds of followers after this post and if I get all the ‘hate mail’.

Some of us think that we are some kind of a ‘Christian Tumblr Blogger Famous’ and that we got all the biblical knowledge and wisdom. Some of us worked really hard to get to where we are now. We’ve posted all these profound issues and topics which resulted to more popularity and followers. How many followers you’ve got? Hundreds? thousands? Good for you. I’m sure they enjoy all your post. Especially when they ask you about your love life and when people ask you if you’re still single or not and you gladly answer it with much excitement. On the other hand when people ask us about theological questions, some of us get into these debates and who knows what kind of questions we all get on a regular basis.

Here’s the thing though. Tumblr is a great social network. Our world and the society that we live in is advancing rapidly and technology is an inevitable tool. But for some of us, tumblr has become an idol in our lives to the extent where we use the very banner of Jesus Christ to create our own kingdom instead of His, and to make much more of our selves instead of God. Some of us spend hours and hours posting, re-blogging, answering questions, some are stupid, and some are just questions you answer for vain reasons so people would be more interested and curious about you. Admit it, we want the attention and we seek approval from people and we want some sort of status and name and we want to prove others that we are something in this tumblr world.

if you are still reading and made it this far, good job. But I’m sorry cos I’m gonna have to break your heart and cause your flesh to boil. Honestly, if you take pride on the fact that you have hundreds or thousands of followers, or if your post gets a lot of re-blogs and notes, or that people ask you all kinds of questions or if people adore you because ‘you are so good and so godly I wish I can have someone like you’ If you like that and take pleasure on those things, that’s a really sad reality.

Some of us desperately need a reality & heart check. This approach and mentality towards tumblr and the way you’re thinking that you’re something when really you’re nothing special besides the fact that you are a Child of God, is a sad reality. I challenge you as I’ve challenged myself from the past. Instead of spending so much time on tumblr why don’t you get up and get involved in community. Instead of posting hundreds of post every month, be productive and do something. Do you really need to post that much? Do you really need to hunger for questions so you have something to answer to every single day? Do you really need to be popular for the sake of your own glory, name and kingdom? Think again.

When all else fails, when you pass away and move to another ‘life’, no one cares and no one will remember that ‘fame’ you’ve built in this social world. All will be forgotten. So why spend so much time on here and bear fruitless fruit when you can do something for the kingdom of God in a much effective and productive way? Let’s re-examine our hearts once again. If you feel convicted then this post is for you and you know who you are. If you don’t feel convicted then, you’re not. Simple as that. Have a blessed day/night.

For His name and renown,
Mark Muldez